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J1 (Jack Frost)

Jack Herer x Haze

The world famous Jack Herer was crossed back over Haze by Joe Rice for a result that outdoes the original. While a lucky few may have seeds somewhere, this one is now mostly clone only. A super powerful Sativa dominant hybrid that stays strong even with regular use. Uplifting powerful yet clear Haze high. Sweet Willy Wonka goodness that smells more like candy or bubble gum than any skunky or bitter tones. These fluffy sticky buds are among the best on the planet. Jack himself had tried J1 in the East Bay of California and dubbed it the Jack Frost, and so that is now an alias, however another strain does have that name.

J1 has since won 'Best of the East Bay' and tested as high as 21.66% THC. The J1 yields heavily as a very vigorous variety that is easy to grow and clone.

Note: There is a variety also named J1 that is Jack Herer x Skunk which is similar but not quite as nice as the Joe Rice version. The other variety also called Jack Frost is a Jack Herer X White Widow X NL#5.

Sub-Species: Mixed

CB Profile: THC 21.66% CBD 0.3% CBN 0.50%

Yield: Heavy

Height: Medium-Tall

Indoor: 55-60 day flower cycle

Outdoor: September harvest in N. Hemisphere

Photo: Degauss Press

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