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Pineapple Punch

Real McCoy x Skunk #1

The Flying Dutchmen's popular Real McCoy strain crosses a Hawaiian indica with Skunk #1. Real McCoy is backcrossed with its Skunk parent to produce Pineapple Punch. Interestingly, this hybrid expresses two distinct phenotypes. One is a more "sativa" pattern - tall and rangy with thin leaves and widely spaced internodes; the other is a more "indica" growth pattern, with medium-size, wider leaves, closer nodes and a slightly stronger bouquet and yield. Growers will know by the vegetative phase which trait package to expect from their plants. Both phenotypes produce the citrus taste and cerebral, active stone of their Real McCoy mother.

Pineapple Punch's buds are medium-dense and loaded with sugary fruity resin. her high terpene levels preserve her inviting taste and smell after water extraction, although dry sieving gives the best results. While both phenotypes offer a smooth pineapple / grapefruit smoke, the sativas have a sweet lavender undertone while the indicas are stronger and more grapefruit-astringent.

Sub-Species: Mixed

CB Profile: THC 15.15% CBD 0.56% CBN 0.30%

Yield: n/a

Height: n/a

Indoor: 9-10 week flowering cycle

Outdoor: Late October in N. Hemisphere

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