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Devices Supported:

Which Android OS versions and phones are supported?
What is the difference between the Amazon and Android Play versions?
Why is this DRM stuff necessary?

App Suppression:

Will you release this app on iPhone/iOS?
Why isn't the app on iTunes (Apple) or the Amazon App store
I bought your app on Amazon, what do I do?

Install issues:

Why am I unable to buy the app?
The app download won't start/finish- help?
Why won't the app install after download?
How to install after switching devices

App issues:

What causes the app to force close or auto close itself?
Why doesn't pinch zoom work?
Why does the app say it is unlicensed?

Content questions:

How accurate is the info provided?
Can I notify you of out of date or incorrect info?
Are the product recommendations advertisements?
Will you add the following strain or technique?
Are the product recommendations just ads?
What about the links for buying seeds?

Which OS versions and phones are supported?

CPR supports all Android devices and screen sizes with OS versions 2.1 through 5.x and includes advanced graphics for tablets. Google TV is not supported at this time.

CPR has been tested to work on a multitude of devices. Our in house testing has included the HTC Evo and Inspire, the Samsung Epic 4G, Moment, Galaxy S, SII, SIII, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 4, and Nexus, the LG Motion 4g, the Motorola Droid, Droid-X, Nexus 6, and many more by our users. Tablets we have tested on include the Google Nexus 7, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Kindle (must be rooted), and the Motorola Xoom.

Since we are currently available on over 2000 devices, you may experience an error that we have not seen yet. If you have issues, we're here to help. Please do not leave a bad rating! First try some of the techniques below. If all else fails, we are happy to provide a refund if you email us.

What is the difference between the Amazon and Android Market versions?

We apologize but due to Amazon suddenly censoring our app the Android Play Store is the only place to now buy the app. Amazon has refused to explain the sudden change in policy, and previous Amazon customers can click 'send us feedback' here and demand a refund for letting them buy software and then 'orphaning' them from any further updates that others will enjoy.

Why is this DRM stuff necessary?

It's sad but true that people are pirating this software and these measures are necessary. Even though we priced CPR at less than the price of a latte for a lifetime of updates, and let you check it out for 24 hours, some steal it. If we don't protect what we worked so hard on day and night, small developers like us can easily go broke and fold up shop.

Why am I unable to buy the app?

We recommend using a different credit card, or a gift card. Sometimes the Android market fails, but it is getting better all the time. Try a different payment method and check for any relevant emails from Google.

Will you release this app on iPhone/iOS?

Our CEO sends you a terse: "no" in the style of SJ. We tried and we are more than willing should their policy change.

Why isn't the app on iTunes (Apple) or the Amazon App store?

Apple and Amazon are free to reject or accept whatever content they see fit on their online stores. Unfortunately Apple rejected our submission and Amazon took it offline after several months of successful sales. Additionally, both Apple and Amazon devices are limited to install apps through their own private stores exclusively.

Here are screen pics from the original (rejected) iPhone app "Medical Cannabis Master" from 2008:

I bought your app on Amazon, what do I do?

You will no longer be getting updates, and Amazon has refused to automatically refund you or to even let us contact you. We hope you find this page.

Android customers: We urge our former Amazon customers to go to the following URL and ask for a refund considering this product will have a multitude of updates that you will no longer receive: (click 'send us feedback...' on upper right.) You can get our app on the regular Google Play Store.

Kindle Fire customers: Unfortunately as Kindle Fire is a locked device, and the only place to get software is through Amazon's app store, Cannabis Pocket Reference is only available for the Kindle Fire if you install a custom ROM to be able to access the Play Store. OR just get one of the many cheap true Android tablets that can access all of Amazon's content but also the Play Store

What causes the app to force close or auto close itself?

We apologize for the error, and we have been notified of the crash. There are different reasons for this. In most cases you can simply relaunch and it will work. For CPR to run properly make sure you have as much memory free as possible, with 32 meg recommended as a bare minimum. Try the following tips.

The following techniques can help with other memory intense apps too:
1) Install software like Advanced Task Killer, run it and kill all running apps.

2) (Froyo 2.2 or higher only) Move as many apps as possible to your SD card. Click on settings, then applications, then click in each app and then 'move to SD'. If it doesn't appear email the developer and tell them to enable that feature.

3) Reboot the phone by turning it off and back to clear memory leaks caused by poorly written apps.

4) Get a higher end Android device! ;^)

The app download won't start/finish- help?

We have many successful installs daily, so this is an issue with Android market or the phone/device being used. But hey- we're here to help!

Bear with us and start with the basics:
1. First of all make sure you have a solid signal and can browse the web etc. This is a rather large app and can take some time to download. WiFi is recommended to download the fastest. Current size: 30+ megabytes.

2. A lack of free internal memory space is the next most common problem. To clear this up and improve phone performance: Go into settings->Applications and move apps to the sd card (sort by size to see which take up the most room) or just uninstall apps. Keep in mind your phone was designed to use the internal memory space as a temporary storage to install apps, etc.

3. Sometimes the credit card transaction gets canceled but CPR remains in your download list. You may need to purchase the application (you'll only be charged once) for the download to work. If you need help or a transaction status email us, but first check for any emails from Google.

4. Sometimes the market app fails. Here are a couple of fixes suggested...

a. Turn off phone, take out sdcard, turn on and install app, reinsert card

b. clear the cache and settings

c. Turn WiFi on or off, then power cycle phone (WiFi gets stuck)

d. Plug device into computer via USB and retry download

e. For Droid: revert market app from 2.12

Why won't the app install after download?

A lack of free internal memory space is the most common problem. To clear this up and improve phone performance: Go into settings->Applications and move apps to the sd card (sort by size to see which take up the most room) or just uninstall apps. Keep in mind your phone was designed to use the internal memory space as a temporary storage to install apps, etc.

Make sure the credit card went through, check gmail for transaction messages... This also could be an issue we have seen mostly with rooted phones. Please first try to clear the cache in settings -> applications -> market. If that does not work search here for varying solutions.

How to install after switching devices

You must sign in with the same Google account you bought the app with.

Why doesn't pinch zoom work?

In version 1.07 and above, multi-touch pinch zoom will only work on devices that support it and have OS 2.0+. With the History, Legal Maps, Grow Guide, and the Alchemy Guide enabling Zoom in the menu will enable zoom controls for non multitouch devices. Depending on your device's web browser extremely far out (or far in) zooming is possible.

The Strains Guide is a bit different, multi-touch works if available, and you can always double tap to zoom in, and tap to zoom out.

The app says it is unlicensed

Assuming you paid for the app, you will need to re-launch the app and make sure you have a signal. While CPR does not require a data connection to load any of its information, you do need it for one moment to check the license the first time you use it. This is a copy protection mechanism. You must be logged in to your Google account for the check to go through. It must be the same account that purchased the app through the Google Play Market. You can log in to multiple accounts if you need to.

Will you add the following strain or technique?

Most likely. Please use this form to email us. We will take a look and make the final decision. Anyone submitting a picture will be credited if desired. We prefer our strains to be proven/stabilized and somewhat available (ie not hoarded or extinct).

How accurate is the info provided?

Our entire mission is to spread accurate information about Cannabis. Unfortunately, the truth about Cannabis has been driven into the criminal underground due to a crime she didn't commit. This means that a lot of what is 'known' about Cannabis is anecdotal. We attempt to break through the mythology about Cannabis, be it in regards to your health, a strain's origin, how to grow the best Cannabis, or any other issue. We often revise and update our app as the newest information on Cannabis is revealed.

Can I notify you of out of date or incorrect info?

Please do! While we make it our job to stay up on the latest Cannabis news, we gladly welcome all suggestions, comments, and the like. Just use this form to email us. The form is also available from the app.

Are the product recommendations just ads?

Absolutely not. The recommendations in our guides for products or books are our sincere recommendations for top results after decades of industry experience. We do not accept product sponsorships. Some links to buy products are affiliate links, and others are not. We only link to the best products and vendors available with products that we have used and found to work. By using these links you can support our efforts and help keep Cannabis Pocket Reference affordable for all- currently priced cheaper than a latte.

What about the link to buy seeds?

Seeds bought online are sometimes illegal depending on the country, and can also result in poor quality or mislabeled seeds. The current version does not feature a buy seeds link.

Cannabis Pocket Reference
Log of Changes


Bug fixes

Legal: USA updated with latest laws, welcoming Illinois to the decriminalization club.

New Strains: AC/DC, Alien Sour Apple, Blueberry Cookies, Dosido, Kushberry, Sleestack, and Sour Secret.


New Strains: Redesigned with new UI and new photos. New strains: Ancient OG, Gorilla Bubble, Lao Luang Prabang, South African Kwazulu, Strawberry Fields, Suzy Q (CBD strain), and White Buffalo.

Legal: USA updated with latest laws, welcoming DE to the decriminalization club. World map updated and medical map added.


Throughout the Alchemy and Grow guides, pictures and content have been updated! Links to external sites are now more clearly marked. Our updated recommended products now feature live pricing.

Alchemy Guide: New section and how-to on rosin tech. New mahjoun recipe. Bubble hash how-to and Cannabis cooking oil recipe updated.

Strain Guide: Redesigned with new UI and new photos. THC lab results were updated on dozens of strains.

New strains: Black Lime Reserve, Game Changer, Grape God, Gorilla Glue, and Iranian Indica.

Legal: USA updated with latest laws, welcoming DE to the decriminalization club. World map updated and medical map added.


Version 1.9 includes many updates for reliability and content updates. This includes the settings menus, and the interface to the legal and news sections.

Note: CPR now requires Android version 2.1 or higher.

Strain Guide: The guide now remembers which strains were viewed so you can go back through your history of previously viewed strains after clicking on a parent strain or using Strain Roulette (shake for random strain).

Strains Added: 9 Pound Hammer, Brazilian Manga Rosa, LA Confidential, Maui Wowie, Tangie, Sour Tangie, Tangerine Dream, and White Fire OG.


Alchemy: Science page updated and renamed to Medical Info. Updates include Consumption Methods, Cannabis and Diseases, Salve Recipe, and Cannabis and Bacteria.

Strains Added: CBD strain CBD God, Kolossus, Lucky Charms, Sherbert, Triple Diesel, Ultra Sonja, and The White.


USA Legal Info: Map and details updated with latest legal information.

Alchemy: Vaporizing updated with new review of Da Vinci Ascent glass pathway vape.

Strains Added: Blue Frost, Bubble Kush, CBD strain Critical Cure, Ingrid, Motavation, Red Dragon, Sensi Star, Strawberry Banana, and Warlock.

Grow Guide: Updates include Light Deprivation and updated Master's Workshop.


Code Updates: Code updated for newer Android version across the app! Now targeted to Android version 4.4, with improved options menus. (CPR works on any Android device running 1.5+).

New Strains: Big Sur Holy Bud, Cherry Kola, Kosher Tangie, Snowcap, and CBD strain Sour Tsunami.


Legal: Global Legal Map, updated to reflect legalization in Uruguay.

New Strains: Animal Cookies, Bruce Banner, Ghost OG, Golden Goat, Island Sweet Skunk, and Lemon Diesel.


Legal: European Legal Map completely redesigned, updated and corrected.

New Strains: Agent Orange, Amnesia, Bubba Mist, Critical Kush, Liberty Haze, Sour Amnesia, and Stardawg (Guava).

Visual Rx: All pics now higher resolution and several were updated. New gray mold pics. New Caterpillar pic.


History: Timeline updated, expanded and corrected. Betsy Ross Hemp flag is not provable.

New Strains: Charlette's Web, Kurple Fantasy, Master Yoda, Plane Wreck, R4, and Sour Bubble.


Alchemy: Vaporizing updated with new info and reviews on desktops, portables, and pen vapes.

Legal: Map updated to reflect 19th medical marijuana state, New Hampshire, and 20th, Illinois.

Error Fixes: Fixed navigation bug for Android 2.3 and lower devices. Tablet enhancements.


New Strains: Abusive OG, Blue Thai, Chocolate Thai, Glass Apple, Green Ribbon, JCB, Kandy Kush, Lifesaver, Sour Lifesaver, Thai Stick, and Yumbolt.


New Strains: 707 Headband, Berry White, Black Jack, Blue Venom, Blue Widow, Grape Stomper, Platinum Cookies, and Sour Grapes.

1.72 + 1.73

Bug fixes: Straingram temp image files were not always properly deleting.


New Strains: Blue Mystic, OG Ghost Train Haze, Pink Cadillac, Sonoma Coma, and Royal Purple Kush. Straingram sharing routine fixed, so share a strain today!

Grow Guide: Big update to v1.8 with new easy navigation, and revamped content! Updates include soil, LED, Measuring Light: CRI, kelvins, PAR, fire protection, Harvest: assessing yield, and much more, including many new pics.


Grow Guide: LED lighting updated- we still cannot recommend these to most growers!

New Strains: Banana Diesel, Holland's Hope, Orient Express, Purple Gorilla, Super Skunk, William's Wonder, and White Haze.


Error Fixes: Fixed display bug introduced in 1.68.

New Strains: Acapulco Gold, Silvertip, and Space Queen.


Error Fixes: Updated for Galaxy Note II. Fixed remaining spacing issues that were intended to be fixed in 1.67.

Sounds: Made teletype sound in news section quieter and shorter!


Legal: USA section updated with new details on federal and state law. Map updated to reflect states that legalize small amounts of "recreational" Cannabis: Alaska, Colorado and Washington, and 18th medical marijuana state, Massachusets.

Alchemy: New experimental smooth scrolling navigation system. Does not work on certain phones with OS <= 1.6. New section on dabbing updated with new info and pics.

Error Fixes: Spacing errors on certain phones including SIII fixed on Alchemy Guide, Legal Guide, and Grow Guide. Thanks Calp!


Tablet Updates: Improved for Nexus 7.

New Strain Guide Features: Filter for landrace (non hybridized) strains. Click on parent strains to view details. Button to search for more images.

New Strains: Apollo 13, Fire OG, Grapefruit Haze, Hawaiian Sativa, Malawi Gold, Mazar-i-Sharif, Parvati, Platinum OG, Swazi Red, and True OG

Alchemy Guide: New sections on dabbing and eating hash oil. New recipes: vegan brownies, and bhang thandai. All recipes now have metric conversions too.


Legal: Map updated to reflect 17th medical marijuana state, Connecticut, and 15th decriminalized state Rhode Island. Cannabis continues to make progress in the face of bald faced brutality.

New strains: Alien OG, Casey Jones, Lemon Kush, Purple Urkle, and Sour OG

Alchemy Guide: Science page updated with more reference links to studies.


Main graphic updated. You can now click on new items in whats new log within the app to see them.

New strains: 8 Ball Kush, Banana OG Kush, Cherry Pie, Cannatonic, Dominator, Girl Scout Cookies, Kushage, Otto #1, Mekong Haze, Sour Apple, and Super Sour Diesel. New: Sort strains by date added to guide.

Grow Guide: New section on early harvest. Breeding info updated, and other minor revisions.

Alchemy Guide: New sections: Pain relief, ISO hash, Making ISO hash, and Hash vs. hash oil.

Version 1.61 + 1.62

Minor bug fixes. BHO guide removed.

Version 1.6

Redesigned Strain Guide: Sort by THC or CBD. Filter to view certain subtypes, e.g. Indicas or Sativas. Every strain now has a stats chart, and buttons to buy seeds, share strain, and get THC lab report if available!

New strains: Grand Daddy Blueberry, Cold Creek Kush, Early Pearl, Early Skunk, Grapefruit, Kosher Kush, Laughing Buddha, Purple Haze, Skywalker, White Diesel, and CBD strain Harlequin.

Grow Guide: Updates to Miscellaneous section, table of contents, new organic soil recipe, and more.

Alchemy: Updates include new recipe for Cannaflour.

More: Stability updates, tested under Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Note: new permission of SD card access is necessary for strain sharing temp file.


Grow Guide: Continuing to refine layout and navigation. Many updates including: CO2 section. Nutrient additives. Pests updated with larger threats: caterpillars, deer, humans, rabbits, rats, etc.

New strains: BC God Bud, BC Mango, Blue Buddha, Cheese Quake, Cotton Candy, Kaboom, The Big, and The Flav. Replaced some smaller strain images with better ones.

Legal: New news page of best Cannabis related RSS feeds. Link to Margolin's guide to US laws. Legal sub-section now sticky.

Permissions: Recoded to eliminate unnecessary permissions. We have recoded our security check and no longer require the "read phone state and identity"


New strains: AK-48, Chemo Bud, Cherry AK-47, Dutch Treat, Early Girl, Grape Ape, MK Ultra, Pineapple Chunk, Tahoe OG, and XJ-13. J1 updated. OG Kush updated.

Alchemy: Vaporizing updated inc. Cleaning glass utensils. Superconcentrates info updated.

Legal: New links provided. Stop the attacks on people who use harmless Cannabis!

Grow Guide: Error fixes and clarifications. Propagation revamped.

Other: About this app section updated. Order of menu buttons for landscape revised. Menu icons updated. New (optional) link to Attitude Seeds to get just about every strain in the guide.


New strains: Quasar, God's Gift, Allen Wrench, Dr. Grinspoon, Night Shade, Vanilla Kush

Grow/Alchemy guide: Minor revisions. New bizarre Youtube error fixed. Example diary updated. Links to the net now open in your browser not the app. This will allow bookmarking and sharing.

Honeycomb: Workaround fix for internal links. This restores functionality to the 'Quick Index'

Fixed: Youtube crash. Crash on OS 1.5.


Fixed UI for QHD (Droid 3, Evo 3D, etc)


Tablet improvements! If you run Honeycomb, there are still some minor issues, most notably links from the quick indexes do not work. This is a bug in Honeycomb!

New Strains: Afghani, Afgoo, Alaskan Thunderfuck, Hog's Breath, Lamb's Bread, Pakistani Ryder, The Third Dimension, and Space Bomb.

History Timeline: Revised. Free Marc.


Rarer bugs: Since some are still having uncommon crashes, ee are experimenting with some bug fixes.


Legal: Kentucky and Connecticut updated status to decriminalized. Congrats!
Alchemy: New health and science section. Diseases, studies, Cannabis, and you. Vaporizing section updates. Hash and Hash oil split into two sections.
Strain guide: New black background option in strains recommended for screens that show banding. New strains added: Blue Cheese, Hindu Kush, Jilly Bean, Lowryder, Querkle, Silver Pearl, Skunk #1, and Skywalker OG. Mr. Nice updated.
Bug fixes: Sign in once and use offline, as promised. Stability fixes.


Refined the look on tablets. Updated main graphic and transition animations (2.0+). Fixed code for OS 1.5 issues and other less common bugs. Strain guide: Added pinch zoom (2.0+) and shake disable option.


New, hopefully less annoying security check. BETA- shake for random strain! This feature works better on some phones. New 'About Strains' dialog. Updated RX Gallery.

1.23 - 1.26

Security and error tracking related updates. Added some Sub Cool strains: Chernobyl, Jack the Ripper, Jack's Cleaner 2, Plush Berry, The Void, and Vortex. Also Blackberry Kush. Legal maps for Euro Zone and World updated, and feedback link provided. DE added to MMJ states.


Minor undisclosed bug fix.


We hope this release fixes the strains crash that some experienced with v 1.12. Added strains: Pineapple Punch, Mr. Nice, The Real McCoy, Cocoa Kush, KC-36, and Cinderella99. Grow Guide revamped and updated to v1.2. New easier navigation of subtopics. Content expanded. New recommended books and products. Toast reminder to double-tap zoom strain section. Refined layout on tablets.


Added strains: Amnesia Haze, Chrystal, Headband, Marley's Collie, NYC Diesel, SAGE, SAGE 'n Sour, Sweet Tooth and White Russian. Legal map for USA redesigned with more info on Hemp and DUID. Toggling Sound or Zoom CPRl options has a toast notification now.


Redesigned DNA Strain List. New Feature: Sort by flowering time. Added 2 strains: Tangerine Dream, Violator Kush.


Tested to run in Gingerbread BETA ONLY!! (Android OS 2.3) Revision of content: nutrient, vaporizer, and culinary sections. Fixed all recommended product links. Added 2 strains: Silver Haze, Cannalope Haze. Optimized code to improve performance. Obfuscated code to make hacking more difficult.


Pinch Zoom will now work on some devices for Grow Guide, Legal Maps and Alchemy Guide with new Zoom CPRl option. History timeline formatting improved. Improved startup sequence to reduce amount of annoying license checks. Improved behavior when switching from landscape to portrait on DNA detail form and main menu. Added 4 new strains to database. Added new sounds and option to shut them up. Fixed bug for those few Android 1.5 users.


Added Magic Launch Box to vaporizer reviews. Grow Guide and Alchemy now feature collapsible paragraphs and updated content. Implemented new demo mode when license check fails. Updated Legal section to reflect recent elections.

1.0 - 1.05

Initial release and bug fixes.